KSPOWER Shines at HK Smart Lighting Fair: DALI + CCT Power Solutions for the Future Apr 15, 2024

At the 2024 Hong Kong Smart Lighting Exhibition, held from April 6th to 9th, KSPOWER, made its first launch DALI dimming and 5 IN 1 + CCT dimmable driver, showcasing its complete dimming functions and the latest LED drivers.

KSPOWER demonstrated a comprehensive multiple channel 5 IN 1 + CCTDimming line, with the MC series and MP series emerging as standout favorites. These series stand out by multiple channel with junction box and Class 2 Class P, output wattage can up to 384W, eliminating the need for larger volume. The MC series is an AC/DC constant voltage mode mulitple channel + CCT dimmable LED driver, while the MP series serves as a constant voltage 5 IN 1 dimmable led driver. Notably, MC represents the functions selectability from single dimming and three-wire 2700K-6500K led with dip knob number 0-9. With computer programmable secure technology, the product offers protections against attacks on building lighting infrastructure, ensuring the highest level of security. Furthermore, MP series underwent improvements for volume and stability since 2023, and transitioning from plastic labelling to automatic laser engraving.

The highlight of the DALI dimmable driver was KSPOWER's newest LED drivers: the MD series. The led driver offer the flexibility to select between constant voltage DALI + CCT dimming, ensuring stable performance and efficiency. Additionally, the MD series are encapsulated with a metal aluminum housing certificated with IP67, ensuring durability and reliability even in challenging environments. On the other side, the MD series provides the option of DT6 and DT8 dimming color and temperature, simplifying the cable attachment and removal process while protecting the cable and the end piece.

The exhibition proved to be a success for KSPOWER, providing a platform to engage with partners and users alike. As Smart Lighting Fair 2024 Spring close, KSPOWER remain committed to driving innovation in the lighting and building industry, poised to deliver reliable solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide.

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